Into the Future of Organizations

Into the Future of Organizations

Leapfrom is one of those projects that I loved from the first moment, I took care of the image, designed the logo and the website.

Andrea and Demetrio are two professionals who have made corporate reorganization their primary purpose and Leapfrog is their tool to implement the change they want.

With this design I wanted to break the patterns as well as Leapfrog breaks the patterns of company reorganization.

We have carried out a deep search for all the revolutionary movements that have emerged in contemporary history (from the Futurists to the Dada via Constructivists) to assimilate those forms that transmit change, reorganization, movement, transformation.


The font has been transformed and sized to give the impression of eternal tension: it is constantly ready to take the leap, to launch itself into the future, in a new dimension.

We were inspired by the shape that takes the sling elastic the moment before it is released, the tension of an athlete’s muscles in making an intense effort. The use of nuance was used to make the idea of transformation and to add drama to the composition; the two lines that frame the writing serve to guide the eye along the whole extension of the logo.

Find more info at www.leapfrog.team


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